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The ousting of the Taliban from power by the alliance of US-led Western troops and Afghan warlords opposed to the Taliban has come at a great cost. Following the overthrow of the Taliban, the Afghan people, particularly women, have gained new freedoms and opportunities. These still occur largely within and are limited by the framework of traditional Afghan culture.
Challenge for Prayer
The present political situation – a foreign military working with a national government that is trying to be both progressive and conservative – is far from ideal, but it is an improvement from the tyranny of the Taliban. The Taliban imposed a harsh brand of Islam on the nation and continue to be a threat to national stability and security. The power of the warlords and tribal leaders is greater than that of the government forces or the US military; currently, most of them side with the NATO/Loya Jirga entente. Pray that the Afghan government might serve and govern with humility and wisdom. Pray that the people of Afghanistan may experience genuine freedom and an improved quality of life. Pray also that attempts by insurgents and warlords to destabilize the country might be thwarted and that a settlement might be negotiated.


Gregg said...

Now that is a great A. And Dude, what an idea - one that I wish I had thought of. Praying through the various countries by letter of the alphabet. Where was I went they handed out brains. That is a good theme, and I am going to steal it for next year's challenge.

Oh wait, if Harold Camping is right and the end of the world is May 21, 2011 then their won't be a challenge next year.

Brother, I will pray for for Afghanistan.
Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

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