A Gospel-Centered Marriage

Have you ever been listening to a sermon and about half way through you just had to stop? Kind of a loaded question I know. You're probably thinking, "yeah, it was so bad, I had to turn it off." To which, I would respond, "I'm not talking about one of my sermons!" What I mean is that what you're hearing is so rich, so packed with Truth, so convicting...well you just had to stop, repent, seek the Lord NOW before you heard anymore. That was the case when I heard a message entitled "A Gospel-Centered Marriage" by Paul Martin. I was directed to the message yesterday by my brother Julian Freeman through facebook (you see...facebook isn't all evil!).

In his words:
"If you are married, ever intend on being married, want to know more about gospel-centred marriage, or know someone who is married, I cannot recommend enough that you listen to this sermon on gospel-centred marriage. You will be convicted and your soul will be blessed and encouraged as you think about how Christ’s glory displayed in the gospel is the reason and power for marriage."

I thank God for those times when I just have to stop and "get my house in order"! I thank God for yesterday, and the blessing of family. I thank God for being God.

Love in the Truth.

Beautiful Slave

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Far too often we forget about this issue. Help raise awareness by sharing this video. As a bonus you can download the song for free from the "musicianaries", Take No Glory. Check them out!

Love in the Truth.