Happy New Year!

It has been a while since my last post, but hey with Christmas and now New Years...well, let's just say that I'm probably not the only one. Anyway, happy new year; may the Lord be glorified in your lives this coming year! But, before I sign off, I want to encourage anyone who might read this blog to read more in the new year - not more of me, although that would be an encouragement to me - but more good books. I have one to suggest that I read in a day over Christmas - "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. For real...this should be required reading for the church! I will try to do a review next year...lol...for now I will just say that is the best book I have read in a while!! READ IT!!

"Crazy" Love in the Truth.

What Would Jesus Twitter?

Scott Thomas over at Acts 29 posted a list of Twitter "status updates" with a biblical twist. I don't twitter, but apparently alot of people do. I just thought it was a great little post; it made me laugh, and that's a good thing. So I figured I would post it here as well. So here goes:

Adam is lonely, really lonely, naming animals...starting with A - Aardvark
Adam is having surgery today - taking out a rib
Adam is the husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. Okay, she's the only one, but she isn't wearing any clothes
Eve is looking at pretty apples and talking to a snake. He's a sly little creature.
Adam is leaving the garden and shopping for "the perfect leaf" with Eve
Cain is hating his brother
Isaac is walking up the mountain with Dad to sacrifice
Abraham has a knife in hand but sees a ram caught in the bushes. Man that was close!
Noah is building a huge boat - really huge boat and the neighbors are complaining and laughing
Noah is really hating elephant dung and those two chimps are trying my patience
Joseph is in a hole and lost his favorite coat. This isn't funny anymore? Brothers?
Moses is walking through the Red Sea...no, really.
Samson is growing his hair out again
Ruth is sleeping at the foot of Boaz. He doesn't know I'm here.
Balaam is listening to his donkey talking to him
David is really glad the pretty girl moved in next door. Staying home from work today.
David is sick about his sin-confessed all, wrote a song
Solomon is writing Songs that all the boys want to read
Enoch is outta here
Job is sick of his friend's advise
Daniel is petting the lions
Nehemiah is building a big wall...be done in about 7 weeks.
John the Baptist is eating locusts and wild honey and looking for the One whose shoes I am not worthy to tie
Peter is walking on water-oops, not anymore
Zacchaeus is in a tree looking for Jesus
Judas is counting money
Jesus is sweating drops of blood in the Garden
Peter is hating that the rooster crows
Jesus is forgiving those who put Him on this cross
God is turning His back on His Son with the sin of the world upon him
Jesus is thirsty
Mary is wailing in agony
God is satisfied
Jesus is back!
Thomas is doubting it ever happened
Jesus is praying and sitting at the right hand of His Father
Holy Spirit is regenerating sinners
Jesus is redeeming the lost
God is glorified and is seeking worshippers

Well hopefully you got a laugh and a little Gospel Truth in there as well! Well done Scott!

Love in the Truth

A Gift For My Son!

Too Good To Pass Up!

That's Christmas!

That's Christmas! from andy pearce on Vimeo.

Love in the Truth

Planned Parenthood - What's Wrong with this Picture?

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sexual Abuse of 13-year Old - video powered by Metacafe

Thanks to Z for posting this. Apparently this is the first part of a series of videos to expose the "not-so-hidden" agenda of Planned Parenthood.

Love in the Truth

Does Rick Warren Even Know the Gospel?

Just when you think that this guy can't screw it up again...he does. What is the purpose of Christmas Rick? Jesus wants to be my greatest benefit? He wants to show me what He's like? Honestly, my six-year-old can explain the gospel better than this guy. Anyway, decide for yourself. Watch and listen and then search the bible to see what's truth.

The Socialist, the Separatist, and the Lame Duck

It's times like these that I wish that I could draw caricatures! Can't you just picture the "lame duck" Dion - in a santa suit - with two little demons (Layton and Duceppe) flying over each shoulder filling his empty mind with their "wish list"? Surely there is someone out there with enough talent to draw such a picture and send it to me. I need to see it in the hopes that I could have a chuckle at this time. Wait, I know! Put them all in a sleigh being pulled by Bob "nice job you did in Ontario" Rae and Michael "the white Obama" Ignatieff leading them off to their utopia known as fantasy land while at the same time throwing money over the side like it was rain falling from heaven. Now that would be a funny picture.

But wait, I think that is what is actually happening here. Oops, my bad, I guess after all, it is just pathetic.

Love in the Truth.