CD Review: Caleb & Sol ~ "Afloat"

Every once in a while a CD comes along that just makes you...well...worship. The songs and the message are so good that you can almost feel them...if that makes any sense at all. For the music lovers out there - you know what I mean! But more than that, you are drawn closer to God. That's the mark of great music to me. It's purpose is to bring you so close to God in worship that the music itself fades and your joy in the moment is CHRIST and His glorious gospel.

Well, "Afloat", by Caleb & Sol does just that! The music is original, and the lyrics are God-honoring. In a world of "been there - done that - bought the t-shirt" redundant dribble that exists in "Christian" music, "Afloat" doesn't sink (pardon the pun); it rises above. I literally could go on and on about every song...but I won't! I will simply tell you that you can get the entire CD at no cost at noisetrade. You really can't beat that! If you do like it - and you will - can I suggest that you support the artist by going to itunes to buy it. Even though you can get it for free, this one is definitely worth the 10 bucks!

If you still need some help deciding, here's a sample to view:

And this is my favourite for one's the Gospel!

In MHO, this is a must have. As I said earlier, it leads me to worship. And that is the highest endorsement I could give.

Love in the Truth.

Love Your Neighbour!

So...there has been a lot of "chirping" going back and forth between Canadians and Americans lately. Especially in light of the Olympic games, and in particular, a hockey game this past Sunday evening. As we all know, we (Canada) lost. Let me say up front, I hate to lose! Here's the thing though, why are there so many of us - on both sides of the border - hating each other? I really, really, don't get it. Seriously, help me out? I know first hand that there are plenty of "friends" south of the border who are completely ignorant to "the True North Strong and Free". And I know that Canada is the brunt of many a joke coming from the "good 'ol U.S. of A." That said, I also know it goes both ways! We in Canada - so seemingly proud of our honesty - need to be honest and admit that we are just as bad. At least I am...sometimes...curse you Ryan Miller!

I know we all know this, so why don't we act like it. We are neighbours, brothers, sisters, and friends...let's act like it!

I love Canada. I am proud to be a Canadian, and I thank the Lord for it every day. I can also say, that I love the United States - not a big fan of your current president - but love you none-the-less!

Kind of a random post, I know - but I just had to say it. And as for the hockey game...Canadians...settle down, we actually dominated and we still lost - it happens!

Love in the Truth.

Quotable 9

"It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about Brian McLaren and got in trouble. Reflecting on seeing him speak at a nearby church, I suggested that he appears to love Jesus but hate God. Based on immediate and furious reaction, I quickly retracted that statement. I should not have done so. I believed it then and I believe it now. And if it was true then, how much more true is it upon the release of his latest tome A New Kind of Christianity. In this book we finally see where McLaren’s journey has taken him; it has taken him into outright, rank, unapologetic apostasy. He hates God. Period." ~ Tim Challies

WOW! If you thought that was something, you can read the full article. I can almost picture Challies tearing his clothes as he finished reading!

For the record - I agree with Tim.

Love in the Truth.

As The Hour Draws Near

Part one:

Part two:

Which one are you?

Love in the Truth.

Definite Atonement via Lyrical Theology

Love in the Truth.