Greatest World Series Game Ever!

Last night's game was a great game - no question it was a classic.  But the greatest game ever?  Really... really ... no seriously, really.  Obviously there is a serious case of memory loss south of the 49th.  It's like '92 and '93 never existed, they never even were. But ... anyone with an ounce of fluid brain must concede that game 6 was indeed the greatest of all time, just not game 6 of 2011.  No the honour will always belong to game 6 in '93.  I would argue that game 4 of '93 was better than last night's game, but that's for another time!  

I remember I was sitting with Jennifer at my parent's place watching this one.  When Joe came up to bat, I looked at her and said, "Joe's gonna take him deep."  True story - I called that one!  Let's relive the magic moment together...

What a game!  Where were you when "Joe went deep"?  And, if you think last night was better, why ... defend your choice?

The Gospel - Love it - It never gets old!