Max On Life: A Review

Max Lucado is one of those author's that everyone seems to know and more than likely have read.  When the Lord saved me, I found great comfort in some of Lucado's books.  As I grew in grace however, I wanted to go a little deeper.  Milk is good, but meat is better as you grow.

Lucado has a wide audience who enjoy the milk he offers ~ and as I implied that is good and needed for a season ~ the problem is that it really seems to be all that is ever offered.  In his latest book, Max On Life; Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions, Lucado changes course a little.  Not that he goes deeper, but rather the format is question and answer.

Normally, I would start with the good and then move to the less palatable in a review.  The problem this time around is that there is simply too much wrong with this book.  It is worse than "Christianity 101" or even "Christianity Lite".  If I were to give the book a title, I would name it, "Max On Enabling".  

Far from life's "most important questions" (although there are some important questions) the book is filled with: "I applied for a job and got rejected.  I asked my Grandmother for a loan; she turned me down.  My boyfriend says we should split up.  I'm having a hard, hard week is God even listening to me?"  The answers, in most cases aren't much better.  "Once upon a time" and "happily ever after" come to mind.

Believe it or not it does not please me to give a bad review of an undoubtedly gifted writer.  Especially one that the Lord used in my life early on.  However, as a pastor myself, I simply cannot overlook the serious deficiencies in this book;  It would not be out of place on the "self-help" section of your local book store.

On the inside, back, dustcover it reads, "Max Lucado doesn't pretend to give the final word on difficult issues."  I can say that I whole-heartily agree with that statement.  From a twisting of scripture by using substandard translations and paraphrases, to just plain bad theology, this one is just too dangerous to recommend.

I will close by saying that there are some good answers given.  In fact, there are some very good answers given at times.  And I would also state that I do respect Lucado's gifting as writer and consider him my brother in Christ.  But on the whole, Max On Life, is not simply "milk", it's spoiled milk.

I received a review copy free of charge from the publisher.


Julius Mickel said...

Good stuff....(kinda what I expected)...yeah I can remember him being 1 of the first people I read (think it was geared toward youth) and used to recommend him.........disappointing indeed, continue guarding the truth bro

Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for stopping by bro! 1:1SIX

Gregg said...

Never been a fan of Lucado's, always was concerned about his church of Christ background. Also, like you, went past the milk along time ago.

Penned Pebbles said...

Glad you found that this time his milk is spoiled. Not so glad that this kind of milk is hitting the market more and more, and most of those who read it are neither discerning Christians, nor discerning pastors! Blessings!