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Djibouti, Africa’s third-smallest state, is a haven of calm in a stormy region. Western military presence, due to the strategic location, helps foster a climate of relative peace, safety and freedom. Pray that these present freedoms may not be eroded by the politics of the Horn of Africa nor by the Islamist voice that seeks to shape Djibouti according to its own set of values.
Serious social and economic problems continue to plague Djiboutians, notably widespread famine, extreme unemployment and the rising urban issues of human trafficking, prostitution and drug abuse. The French Protestant, Roman Catholic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches represent the only active Christian witness recognized by the government. They sponsor various social projects, including work among refugees and the poor. Seventh-day Adventists run both an eye clinic and a dental-care clinic. Pray for effective cooperation and unity among Christians. Pray for fruitful ministry amid abject poverty and human suffering.


Gregg said...

It is hard keeping up but I am using operation world to pray around the world and I think your posts are fabulous!

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

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Lorena G. Sims said...

Good information. I wasn't aware of about that place before. I will be praying for them.