(Pray for) Nepal

Peoples: 380 (93% unreached) All peoples
Unreached Peoples Prayer Card

Answer to Prayer
A new Nepal began in 2008 with the absolute power of the Hindu monarchy yielding to pro-democracy protests. Sweeping political change, begun in the 1950s, has climaxed in the last couple of years. This is an answer to the specific prayers of almost all Christians in Nepal who have interceded for their nation, and it paves the way for new freedoms and opportunities for Christian ministry.
Challenge for Prayer
Nepal enjoys a window of opportunity with the new government and new constitution, but positive strides must be made quickly before disillusionment or entrenchment occurs. With deep divisions still affecting society – various religious groups, deeply opposed political parties – real progress must be made if the new government is to have a true chance of success. The Maoist former rebels, still listed in some other nations as a terrorist organization, hold the keys to the finely balanced government. Pray for wisdom, courage and grace on the part of Nepal’s leaders, and that they might put personal or party differences aside and work together to fight the immense economic problems still gripping the country.


baygirl32 said...

there are so many places in distress right now... thoughts to Nepal