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Needless to say, the problem is epidemic.

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North Korean Testimony

Nearly all who were in attendance at the Lausanne Congress last month agreed that the emotional high point of the event was the testimony of the young North Korean women.  Her story is yet another case of Christ building His Church even in the most repressive and hostile places on earth.  This is one you need to see - Soli Deo Gloria.

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The Watter's Story

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Why Do Most Churches Ditch Hymns?

Jared Wilson:

The argument goes like this: The hymns are outdated. Nobody talks like that any more, nobody knows what these archaic words refer to, nobody sings melodies like that any more; therefore, the solution is to ditch the hymns and sing only contemporary songs.

But I don't think the reason hymns fell out of favor is because they became old. I think it's because our preaching got new.

The great hymn writers could tell the gospel story with gospel words in very solid ways. But preaching over time became moralistic stories with pop psychology words in wispy ways. We stopped giving the hymns context. We would sing "Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful is my Savior's love for me!" but our preacher had long stopped marveling and wondering about the cross, so the song didn't make emotional sense. And then it stopped resonating with us on a Spiritual level.

All good hymns declare the gospel and assume gospel context. I suspect the main reason hymns don't resonate with people much any more is because we don't preach the gospel.

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Can I Live?

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Tips for New Parents!

Here are some good do's and don'ts of parenting.  Very helpful indeed!

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Eager, Expectant, and Early

Great insights from Josh Harris here!

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Random Act of Culture

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The Gospel of Grace

I am a scoundrel by nature--unworthy of life. 

Like Adam my father—I was a sinner by choice.

Like Cain my brother—I was a sinner by birth.

Like Rahab the Harlot—I was a whore.

Like David the King—I was an adulterer and a murderer.

Like Jonah the prophet—I was a runner and a rebel.

Like Peter the rock—I have denied my Lord.

Like Paul the Apostle—I am still the worst sinner I know. 

Dead in the guilt of my sin…

Bound in the shroud of my disgrace…

Buried in the grave of my choices...

Sealed in the coffin of my hopelessness…

Forgotten in the despair of my helplessness…

I was dead in my sin—unable to respond.

But God, through the deep love and mercy of His compassion, for His own glory, granted repentance and faith in the gospel of Christ. And by the payment provided by His own Son, to satisfy the wrath of God deserved for me, through the sacrificial exchange of the Savior on the cross…

I have been ransomed from my condemnation, and raised from the dead! 

And Like JesusI am righteous!

In Him I am transformed—from scoundrel to saint, from prostitute to bride, from adultery to faithfulness, from murderer to rescuer, from running to standing firm, from rebel to obedient follower, from rejecting Christ to heralding the gospel, from worst of sinner to best of example…undeserving of it all.

This is grace!

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I don't care who you are, you have to respect this.  Quite simply one of the sweetest, smoothest goals ever! Someone really needs to make a video of this goal with "Smooth" (Rob Thomas / Carlos Santana) playing in the background...just a thought.

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