20 Pictures of Jesus

  • Jesus is the Savior. His name means the one who will save us from our sins.
  • He is the Messiah. He’s Jesus Christ. Christ is not His last name. It means the Promised One. The One Promised through out the old testament has come.
  • He is the Son of David. He’s from the kingly line of David.
  • Son of Abraham.
  • Center of history.
  • Fully human.
  • Fully divine.
  • Sovereign over the wise.
  • Shepherd of the weak.
  • Jesus inaugurates a new exodus.
  • He’s ending
  • He loves his fiercest enemies
  • He’s the Savior King
  • He’s Righteous Judge
  • He’s filled with God the Spirit
  • He’s loved by God the Father
  • He’s the new Adam
  • He’s the true Israel
  • He’s the Light of the World
  • He’s the hope for all nations

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The Nature of True Discipleship

"In Jesus, these men found someone worth losing everything for. In Christ, they encountered a love that surpassed comprehension, a satisfaction that superseded circumstances, and a purpose that transcended every other possible pursuit in this world. They eagerly, willingly, and gladly lost their lives in order to know, follow, and proclaim him. In the footsteps of Jesus, these first disciples discovered a path worth giving their lives to tread.

Two thousand years later, I wonder how far we have wandered from this path. Somewhere along the way, amid varying cultural tides and popular church trends, it seems that we have minimized Jesus’ summons to total abandonment. Churches are filled with supposed Christians who seem content to have casual association with Christ while giving nominal adherence to Christianity. Scores of men, women, and children have been told that becoming a follower of Jesus involves acknowledging certain facts or saying certain words. But this is not true. Disciples like Peter, Andrew, James, John…show us that the call to follow Jesus is not simply an invitation to pray a prayer; it’s a summons to lose our lives."
-David Platt, Follow Me, p. 3,4

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