(Pray for) Fiji

Peoples: 35 (11% unreached) All peoples
Unreached Peoples Prayer Card

Challenge for Prayer
British colonial greed left a long-term legacy of rival ethnicities and segregation in Fiji:

a) Indigenous Fijians have long resented imported Indian indentured labourers, from 1870 onward. At times, Fijians were a minority in their own country. This challenge has resulted in a positive restoring of many traditional Fijian ways, but also a negative protectionist bias in politics and land issues.

b) The Indian communities work hard to build up what they have and yet feel little security in a nation where they cannot own land and where systemic racism undermines their efforts. Their treatment by the British and then by Fijians discredits the gospel in the eyes of most Indians. Pray for a spirit of repentance and reconciliation and for a society marked by freedom and equality.

Fiji’s social and political problems are many. Alcoholism and broken homes are major social ills that need to be addressed nationwide. But greater still is a political issue – there have been four coups in the last two decades; every time the country seems about to turn the corner, another coup disrupts and destabilizes progress. Pray that righteousness and justice might be established and the rule of law and democratically elected governments observed.