Mistaken Identity

In 2006, five students from Taylor University were involved in a deadly car accident, and only one survived. The lone survivor was believed to be Laura Van Ryn, and for five weeks she was cared for in hospital by "her family". When she finally began speaking, the family discovered that she was not Laura. The girl was in fact Whitney Cerak; Laura had died in the crash. Her hospital chart had two words written at the top - mistaken identity.

A tragic story indeed, but one that is woven with the grace of God as well. The two families are forever linked and have written a book detailing their story. It's name...

Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope.

Matt Lauer interviewed both families on The Today Show recently. He seemed astonished by their faith and asked if they ever doubted God in the midst of their ordeal. Their answer was a remarkable one and wonderful to see on network television.

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Help for Nashville

On May 1st and 2nd of 2010, Nashville and it's surrounding are suffered a devastating flood. Jars of Clay have put together an EP of five different versions of their song "Flood" to try to help raise money for those who have lost everything. The EP is available for $1 - sweet deal - with 100% of the proceeds going to help. Check out their web page for more info and to help those in need.

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Bloodmoney is a documentary film that exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro-Life perspective. The film will examine the history of abortion in America, from the inception of Planned Parenthood and the profitability of abortion clinics, to Roe v. Wade, to the denial of when life begins, to the fight to save the lives of innocent babies, and the devastating effects abortion has had on the women who have had them. Check out the website for more info.

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Radical - A Review

Radical: Taking back your faith from the American Dream is a dangerous book written by a dangerous man - David Platt. As Platt states from the outset, "you and I can choose to continue with business as usual in the Christian life and in the church as a whole, enjoying success based on the standards defined by the culture around us. Or we can take an honest look at the Jesus of the bible and dare to ask what the consequences might be if we really believed him and really obeyed him" (pg 3). What is so dangerous about that? The question assumes that most of us don't really believe and don't really obey Jesus. And the sad reality is that we don't. In the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who Platt quotes, "When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die." Platt unpacks the biblical gospel and reveals the fact that "the gospel does not prompt you into mere reflection; the gospel requires a response" (pg 21).

Radical is nine chapters, and at 217 pages (excluding end notes and acknowledgements) it can be read in one sitting. I know because I read it in one sitting; it was that good and engaging. There were plenty of times, as Russell Moore said in his endorsement, that I wanted to put it down because I was "uncomfortably targeted by the Holy Spirit." David Platt doesn't just talk the talk in this book; he walks the walk. Every chapter is woven with the experiences of one who not only asked the questions, but searched for the answers. Platt is a "doer".

There really is no "safe" chapter in this book. Page after page you are confronted with two pictures; Biblical Christianity and North American Christianity. One fact leaps out time and time again - "one of these things is not like the other." If you can remember doing any "spot the difference" puzzles as a kid, in Radical, spotting the differences is not hard, admitting they exist is. We come face to face with a Universal Church that has "nothing but the people of God and the Word of God. And strangely, that's enough." While we "fill our lives with the constant drivel of entertainment {because} we are afraid that if we stop and really look at God in his Word, we might discover that he evokes greater awe and demands deeper worship than we are ready to give him."

In the end every excuse we in the North American Church come up with for our disobedience is just that an excuse. None of them stand in light of Scripture, they never have. "{God} doesn't give options for people to consider; he gives commands for people to obey." If you are comfortable where you are right now don't read this book. Platt takes it one step further, "to everyone wanting a safe, untroubled, comfortable life free from danger, stay away from Jesus."

I have been looking forward to this book since I heard of it's release date and it did not disappoint. Radical is one of the best books I have ever read period. I would and will recommend it to all.

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Sunday's Coming!

If this is your "church" you may be...

a lover of the 20 min. "sermonette"...
not into doctrine...
not into theology...
lukewarm and loving it!

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After 29 years...FREE!!

The Columbus Dispatch ~ CLEVELAND -- Cuyahoga County Judge Eileen A. Gallagher broke down on the bench this morning as she freed a man who has served 29 years for a rape he did not commit.
After a 10-minute hearing, Gallagher approved a prosecutor's request to release Ray Towler from his life sentence and declared him innocent.
Gallagher stepped down from the bench, approached Towler with an extended hand, and said, "Mr. Towler, you are free to go," as she shook his hand, tears streaming down her face.
Towler beamed throughout the hearing, waved to family members in the back of the courtroom, and again showed no signs of anger or animosity for losing so many years behind bars.
"I just waited for the sun to come up today and it did. And for the first time in a long time, I get to walk in the sun outside of prison," Towler after his release.

Raymond Towler freed after 29 years in prison for rape he did not commit

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Prodigal: An Animation

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