Who Are The Haters?

A great little feeding of Vitamin Z...

I hear where they are going with this video.  I get annoyed with the watch-bloggers and angry Calvinist Totally Reformed guys that love to pick fights just as much as anyone else.  But... Who are the haters?

Is it more about the "how" we communicate than the "what"? I assume that is what Steven is getting at here. We should never be jerks. Many of us, myself included, can have a hard time with that one, especially when communicating about what we are passionate about.  So if the only message here is "when you have disagreements or concerns, please use a generous tone and speak with gentleness."  Amen!

But what is the standard? How do we define nit-picking? Is Rob Bell's view of hell, nit picking? Is faithfulness to a historical confession of faith too rigid? 

I like the passion and the senitiment that we need to love one another. Amen! 

But the video needs more definition because we all define "haters" differently. Does me even writing this make me a hater? Someone help me out here.  Isn't Steven just "hating" the haters?  Christian relativism? 

Maybe it would be more helpful if I was coached on how to have disagreements about theology in a way that is winsome and generous.  I fear that this video might demonstrate the same tone that he is battling against.  Both seem combative.  Am I missing something?

I have to echo the same question as Z, am I missing something here.  I love the term "Christian relativism" applied to this video.  I mean, really?  Really, Steven Furtick ... really?  What are you trying to say, and who are you trying to say it to?  

I just had a "New Jack City" flashback..."how can I be down".  Man I wish I was that cool...*sarcasm*


Penned Pebbles said...

"Isn't Steven just "hating" the haters?" I'm very weary of the friction of complaining/hating, regardless which side it originates from. While there are definite circumstances that call for us to defend the truth, I think the truth commended and lived out in charity is more effective in the long run, or more effective, period. Blessings!