Date Day!

Today is my monthly date day with my youngest daughter Meaghan.  Every month on their "birthday" day, I take my daughters on a date with their Daddy, and my wife does the same for our son Cameron.  I love date day because I know my girls love it.  They love that Daddy opens the door for them; orders for them; talks to them; makes much of them...loves them.  

Today is also International Women's Day. Today affords me the opportunity to show my Meaghan how she deserves to be treated by a man.  I want her to see that chivalry and romance are important.  I want her to see that for a man to biblically lead means to love and honour his wife.  I want her to see that her submission to my headship is a good thing and ultimately for her benefit.  I want her to see that her future husband must lead as Daddy leads because he will lead her.  I want her to know that should the Lord be pleased to give her a family, her highest calling is to be Mommy.  I want her to see that God is glorified in all that we do.

I love date days!  I cherish them because I know that some day, sooner than I wish, they'll be gone.  So today, we will dance...