Lift Up the Light (Live) ~ Oaks Worship - A Review

It seems all the rage in today's mega-church Christianity to throw together a group of talented musicians in order to "cook" the worship.  While your at it, you might as well make a CD to market to the masses.  Hype is hip so long as you call it worship.  If that's what you're after in a worship album, then I hate to disappoint, but Lift Up the Light is not for you.

This is not hype, this is a worship; this is Oaks Worship.  I say that because when I listen, there is a very real sense of "this is not about me."  And that is what worship is.  It's realizing that you are in the presence of something or someone greater than you.  Lift Up the Light exalts Jesus.  It's message is clear; Christ is King.

As for the team, there is talent for sure.  My love of all things Shane & Shane is well known.  That said, this is not a Shane & Shane joint.    I must admit that my favourites on this CD are not by the Shanes. For the record my fave is "Forever".  Another nice feature, in my opinion, is that this is an album of all original material.  No taking a Church fave and doing your "own" version to pump sales.

From beginning to end, Lift Up the Light does not and will not disappoint. That is unless, you want to be made much of.  If that's the case, run, run now, there is nothing for you here.  Sorry, it's all about Jesus.  If that's what you're after - look no further.


Jen Daiker said...

This was very enlightening!!!

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Trevor Peck said...

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