"Daddy, You've Done That Before"

Last night at church we were "blessed" to hear a message on complaining. Don't get me wrong, it truly was a blessing, but it was also convicting. Our brother unpacked the principle that our complaints - even about the smallest of things - are an offense to our sovereign Lord who has ordered all our steps. It was one of those sermons we don't like to hear. I mean we can't even shrug it off by thinking "boy, so-and-so should really be hearing this" like we so often do. We are all profoundly guilty of complaining at some time. Our only real defense is that we seem to think we can justify it most times. But, last night, the Lord moved in a way that simply broke me of any and all excuses I could ever come up with. How, you ask? Well, let's just say that my brother did a masterful job of showing that his complaining about the car in front of him - that had "more than enough time to make that turn but didn't" - causing him to wait for what seemed like an eternity at "another" red light - forcing him to say like Calvin: "I see no reason for this!" - was in fact a serious heart issue to God.

Enter Excuses:
We have all been there...haven't we? Sure we have, if not, you may very well be a pathological liar...get help NOW!! Seriously though, I cannot think of one person who hasn't experienced what would have to be defined as "justifiable road rage". I mean, I know he is right in saying that it's wrong but honestly...

Enter Conviction:
That is honestly what I was thinking - "I know he is right in saying that it's wrong but honestly..." And right at that point, and I mean exactly then, my 6 year old daughter Meaghan taps me on the shoulder and says, "Daddy, you've done that before." She had that look; the one that says, "I've been listening to what's been said, and I know it's wrong to do what's been said, but you've done what's been said, so is it really wrong?" I know - I hate that look too!!! The excuses died immediately. Not only was it wrong, but it had been noticed (many times, I might add) by my children. Could I have been teaching them that some sins are not that bad? That is exactly what I was doing. Just when my self righteousness was rearing its ugly head, I was rebuked by a 6 year old!

I love my God! I love the fact that I can see evidence of His amazing grace in my children. I love the fact that He can use my sin to teach me - even through my daughter. I love the fact that He is teaching me to teach my children to Love Him more than they love me. I am overwhelmingly content to be "the [second] best Daddy in the whole world"!

Love in the Truth