Toronto Pastors Fellowship

Yesterday I attended what was the first, and Lord willing not the last, meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship. Pastor Paul Martin presented a paper entitled "Pastor: Mentor the Young Men!" It should be available for download shortly in both PDF and audio formats.

Before I give my thoughts on the paper, it would be appropriate to give a big "shout out" to Julian Freeman for all his hard work in getting this off the ground. There were many others as well from Grace Fellowship Church who have lent their talents to these meetings. To all of whom I say, well done!

Now for the paper:
Really all I can say is that you should read it if you get the chance! It was a great mix of solid biblical truth as well as transparent personal experience delivered in humility. I say humility because our brother Paul received a rather "sharp" rebuke from Dr Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at Southern Baptist Seminary, in regards to a note about Martyn Lloyd-Jones not being a mentor to other men. (The term "sharp" is used in jest. If you know Dr. Haykin, you know he is both humble and gracious, not to mention brilliant when it comes to Church History!) Anyway, all that to say it was quite humorous to see our brother Paul have a "note to self" moment!

If you are able to attend the Toronto Pastors Fellowship, I would highly recommend it. It is truly a blessing to be with "pastors delighting in God to the glory of God together."