Super 8 Debut - Top 8 Debut Albums

Today, I am participating in another nice little blogging challenge.  It is the Super 8 Debut.  The challenge is to list the top 8 debut albums ever.  Of course this would be easy if you were to go purely based on sales, but I couldn't in good conscience - or in any form of sanity - list anything by Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys.  So, these then are my personal selections for top 8 debut albums ever....

Number 8 - The Eagles ~ Eagles
The Eagles talent should be obvious to any and all who have ever listened.  Take It Easy has to be one of the most recognizable songs to ever come out of America.  Plain and simple - this band has talent!

Number 7 - Guns N Roses ~ Appetite For Destruction
You knew it had to be on the list!  Seriously, if you lived in the 'burbs back in the day this one was mailed to you.  It is safe to say that almost everyone knows or has heard at least one track of this classic.  I remember being in Steve's Music Store in Ottawa and the guy working went completely insane when someone picked up a guitar and started playing the riff for "Sweet Child of Mine", because that was what everyone played when they picked up an axe...too funny...the guy seriously went bonkers...and you have the riff in your head RIGHT NOW, don't you?  LOL!

Number 6 - Pearl Jam ~ Ten
Classic!  This is the one that really rocketed the Seattle grunge scene or "Alternative" music to the forefront.  For all the Nirvana fans out there - this is the one that drove Cobain nuts to the point of calling Vedder a "sell-out".  Personally, I never liked Nirvana so, that makes me laugh.  Seriously though, this one was a beauty!

Number 5 - Marillion ~ Script For A Jester's Tear
All the album's from the "Fish" era were nothing short of musical genius.  Those first three albums - this one - along with Misplaced Childhood and Clutching At Straws are brilliant.  If you consider yourself any kind of music - as an art form - lover, you need to check those out!

Number 4 - Marillion ~ Season's End
The "debut" of Steve Hogarth proved to be a massive success for Marillion.  I kind of cheated - I know - but this is a debut of sorts and as a die hard "Marillionaire" (fan), this was a new beautiful beginning for this band.

Number 3 - U2 ~ Boy
Seriously, I don't need to defend this selection do I?  This really should be on every list.
Number 2 - Rush ~ Rush
If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love this band.  They are quite simply the best at what they do.  Start to finish, this is money - Finding My Way to open and Working Man to finish up - come on!  Classic deluxe factor 10!

Number 1 - Boston ~ Boston
You knew this was going to be number one.  Even more than "Boy" this one really needs to be on every list.  If not, I seriously question your ability to do just about anything requiring logic or rational thinking.  Seriously though, forget about debuts, this is one of the best albums of all time - period!

And now for a couple of honourable mentions...

Garth Brooks self-titled debut is argued - by many - to be his best.  I'm not the biggest fan of country music but this guy is country's answer to The Boss - he can put on a show!  He is great live and with close to 130 million albums sold, he has some serious clout and influence.

Alanis Morissette "debut", Jagged Little Pill was a great album, and it stands as the second best-selling debut ever behind Boston.  But above and beyond sales, this is just a well written album, with great songs that defined a generation.  And it cleaned up at the Grammys - not a litmus test I know, but still. Plus I knew her so there!

Technically this shouldn't be included as a debut album because as a young teen Alanis released something that I hesitate to call an album. Yes, it was that bad.

And a couple of "where are they now" selections...

Just did a post on this guy a couple days ago.  Talk about drop and disappear!  Great music none-the-less, and another Grammy sweep!

What's he up to now? can almost hear the crickets.

Remy Shand, The Way I Feel is the one that maybe nobody has heard of.  It did garner 4 Grammy nominations - no wins.  That said, this guy has some serious talent and not just musically.  He did everything on this album, and by everything, I mean everything.  All instruments, mixing, production and whatever else there was to do.  Good Canadian boy from the 'Peg...but...WHERE ARE YOU NOW!


Arlee Bird said...

Eagles and Boston were considered on my list but I wanted to get some of my more obscure favorites on there. Maybe I need to check out Marillion.

Tossing It Out

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We share many of the same albums - and tastes in music. I almost picked Rush (favorite band - seen them in concert dozens of times) but did feel the first album really launched them. And dig Marillion.

Pk Hrezo said...

Awesome list. The Eagles for sure!

Nice meeting you :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Hi Trevor! Great to meet you. I love that we share two picks on our lists. Awesome! And thanks for sharing about Alanis Morissette's "debut." I didn't know she'd released something before Jagged Little Pill. In looking closer, I see she had two dance albums, released only in Canada, prior to JLP. JLP is her international debut. Interesting!

I enjoyed your list :))

Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I love these blog fests for both the fun and the meeting new people.

Lee - thanks again for the heads up on this fest!

Alex - we do indeed have similar tastes - I loved every album you picked.

Pk "silent H" - you're new nickname from

Nicole - great to meet you as well, and great list. I almost included Madonna in the honourable mention section - perhaps I should have. I'm not the biggest fan but there is no denying her impact on music and culture!

El Vox said...

If you were to put ten music or film fans together into a room and ask them their favorite films or album, you'd get some pretty heavy discussions I bet. I certainly agree on the Eagles, though they made some better albums, their debut at least showcased good things to come.

I saw Boston live back in the day, but got rid of their debut album somewhere along my line of life. My taste has gotten more subtle over the years, and I lean closer to nuance, if that makes any sense, however, I'm glad you participated and enjoy reading your post. Oh, I like Marillion a lot too.

Kelly said...

Excellent choices. I've been on an Eagles kick lately driving and singing along to their hits.
And I figured the Pearl Jam album had to make someone's list today too!
And my sister loooooves Rush. She gave all her cds to my oldest son to convert him into a Rush fan (he plays electric guitar).

Trevor Peck said...

El Vox - I couldn't agree more! And I do know what you mean, I'm kind of that way myself. That said, Boston for me had to be there. I played through 2 copies and the better part of a third before finally getting on CD!

Kelly - thanks for stopping by. Here's hoping your son becomes a "convert". My boy has been indoctrinated already! LOL

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I share in your passion for music, if not always in your musical favorites.

"BOSTON": I was a teenaged Rock fanatic when that album first came out. I bought it, of course, and played it Plenty O'Times. But by the time they finally got around to releasing its follow-up, my taste in music had already changed somewhat, and I never even owned their second album.

THE EAGLES: They get unjustly knocked frequently for being too commercial and formulaic, but I don't really see it that way. Any band that had the good sense to cover Tom Waits' "Ol' '55" and who was smart enough to embrace Joe Walsh is deserving of some applause.

Heck, as an "Eagle", Joe Walsh recorded what is unquestionably one of the Top Ten greatest guitar solos in Rock history ("Hotel California").

Gotta give the Eagles a little love!

Thanks for participating, my Brother!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

DiscConnected said...

Hi, Trevor-

Half of your list was fighting to make mine (PJ, GNR, Marillion, Boston)! Marillion are probably third on my all-time favorite artists list, although I have never seen them live.

As much as I love Rush, I was never a huge fan of the debut (2112 is a masterpiece, however, regardless of the mix issues).

Thanks for joining in!


Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for stopping by guys! I'm sure on any given day the list would change a little - depending on the mood!