Staggering Irony

The New York Times reports on the recent Planned Parenthood under cover videos:

Reacting to the release of videotapes in which its staff members advise an apparent sex trafficker, Planned Parenthood said Monday that it would retrain thousands of staff members across the country on its rules for reporting possible dangers to minors, and would automatically fire anyone who violated them. 
All employees who have contact with the public will attend special training sessions, tailored to local laws, in coming weeks, said Stuart Schear, vice president for communications of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
This line:

"...on its rules for reporting possible dangers to minors, and would automatically fire anyone who violated them."

Dangers to minors?  If anyone is a "minor" it is the unborn.  Are not the unborn the "minors" in danger here as well?  Seems that all PP employees should be fired if they really understood what was going on in their clinics.

Love in the Truth.

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Arlee Bird said...

I guess no one there sees the irony in this organization. But I guess this likewise goes for many things in our society. Whatever happened to logical thinking and basing conclusions on reasoning.

Glad you're back for the A to Z Challenge. How's the computer holding up this year?

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Trevor Peck said...

Glad to be back! Thus far the computer i holding up - and filling up! I may need to upgrade or get another external drive!