I had the privilege of speaking at a youth retreat this past weekend at Galilean Bible Camp.  It really was an amazing time together with both the teens and the leaders.  My main theme for the weekend was "Don't Waste Your Life."  At the end of the weekend, it was apparent that the Spirit of God had moved in a mighty way amongst us!  For that, I am so thankful. 

So what's with the "Lifesavers"?  As I was leaving, one of the campers, timid and shy, handed me a pack of Lifesavers candy.  

"I wanted you to have these" she said.  

"That's great, thanks.  I love these things", I replied.  

"I wanted you to have them, because that's what you did this weekend; you saved lives", she said.  

"Give thanks to God", I replied, "He does the saving."  

"Yeah, but you helped Him save mine."

God is good.  Not that I needed a reminder, but I've got a pack of Lifesavers on my desk to remind me that He is good, and He is "mighty to save".  So yes I will boast.  I will boast in the power of the cross and the gospel of my God.  May Christ receive all the glory; He is THE life saver!

Love in the Truth.