The Insatiable Appetite To Be Right Is Wrong

I need to be reminded of this everyday, because of my insatiable appetite to be right.  Sadly, I often climb aboard the "perpetual outrage machine."  Russell Moore has some great points of wisdom here.  
He writes:
"Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we shouldn’t confront culture. Jesus did, as did the prophets before him and the apostles after him. If we are, as Jesus said, “fishers of men” then we’ll understand that the eco-system in which the fish live matters. But we defend the gospel; not ourselves. We confront culture willing to be, as Paul said, “wronged” and “defrauded” (1 Cor. 6:7).
We know our ultimate vindication comes later. We need not then respond back to unbelievers with sarcastic barbs and slickly packaged campaigns. We have the right to religious liberty, and we ought to protect it. But we don’t have, and we shouldn’t want, the right to be free from ridicule.
My outrage at the Darwin fish in front of me often has little to do with persuading the Darwinist that there’s a more excellent way. Instead, sadly, my zeal is motivated by the very same factors that cause me to bristle when someone bashes the New Orleans Saints or tells a Mississippi joke. I consider it to be an attack on me. When that is my response to revulsion at the gospel, that becomes satanic.
We ought to be willing to be ridiculed and scoffed at because our audience isn’t this present band of spectators. We can listen to our “opponents,” love them, and bear their objections with patience precisely because we are convinced the gospel is true."
Love in the Truth.


scwheeler24 said...

Very good! You know, a lot of times we know these things, but we forget or just swallow them for a while. I got slapped with this one. Thank you for reminding me.

Trevor Peck said...

Very true - we are indeed "prone to wander"! Thankful for grace.

Thanks for the comments.