What if it's true?

Acts 17:30-31 "The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.”

If the resurrection is true, then judgement is coming. If judgement is coming, then repentance is necessary.

Well...maybe he wasn't dead when they put him in the tomb...

At the Mount Saint Helens visitor center in Washington, a film tells the story of the awesome eruption of that volcano in 1980. It shows the now famous longtime resident at Spirit Lake, an old man named Harry Truman, who disbelieved the warnings that the mountain was about to blow. He’s famous now, but dead and buried under hundreds of feet of lava, because he made the fatal mistake of thinking that just because that mountain had never erupted in his many years of living there, it never would.

Many people make that eternally fatal mistake when it comes to the warnings of Scripture about God’s judgment. Paul points out that God “overlooked the times of ignorance.” Perhaps you have been ignorant of the demands of God’s absolute righteousness; you haven’t been aware of your own sin; you haven’t known about God’s means of forgiveness.

He is risen! Repent and believe the gospel!

Love in the Truth.


Gregg said...

He is risen!

Lisa said...

Amen He is! Great post Trevor. I hope you and your family had a great Easter!

Trevor Peck said...

Thank you! Easter was great. We had a power failure just as I was about to begin preaching. It never came back on, so I just preached on! The Lord really blessed us this day though! God is good!

Not enough hours! said...

There is a little something for you on my blog.

~ Rayna