I have seen many titles behind a name. In fact, one could probably make a post for each day of the A to Z challenge for the letters that can be placed after one's name (maybe not, but you get the idea). Some people almost need another business card just for their "letters".

Of all the titles that I could possibly have at the end of my name, the one that brings me the greatest joy is Daddy. I love being a daddy. There is nothing like looking into your child's eyes when they come running to the safest place they know - Daddy's arms!

That is the feeling I have when I think about the Lord. Love. Security. Safety. Joy. That is why I pray each day that the Lord is pleased to make me more like Christ. I want my children to know that Daddy walks with Jesus, that his arms are the safest place in the world.

Recently, my eldest daughter said to me after family worship, "Daddy, I love Jesus more than I love'll always be my daddy." That was a good day. I love being a daddy. It takes a real man to be a good daddy because our kids need dads.

How are you doing at being at daddy?

Love in the Truth.



My daughter was a daddies girl, well after two sons who he adored she was the apple of his eye. She could twist him around her little finger. She was with me when he was so ill and the last gesture he did was to give her the most beautiful smile before going to meet his maker, She has treasured that moment these past 12 years.
I loved your blog and am looking forward to "E" tomorrow.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog post and the video. Daddies have such an impact on the life of their daughters (sons too, I am sure, but I can only speak as a daughter). I wish that they would all realize just how important their role is. I am glad that you see the title of "daddy" as one of the most important of your life. The world makes it hard to stick to that at times and put family first -- even more so for dads, I think. Thanks for a great post.

Gregg said...

Great post! I, too love being a daddy to four girls. They are all grown up with families of their own. Now in addition to being a daddy and a grandaddy!!! Double joy to my heart.

Wanda said...

Loved the video and your daughter's quote that she loved Jesus more than you but you would always be her daddy. It says you're doing a lot right. God bless.

Not enough hours! said...

So true, Trevor. There is nothing more wonderful than being a daddy, unless it is being a mommy.
I am glad your daughter realised how much she loves you in time to tell you- I never got to tell my father.