Have you ever simply been lost in a moment?  I am sure at some time all of us have had a "moment".  Just last night, I was listening to my son singing a song.  Not just any song either, a worship song.  There is something completely beautiful about listening to one your children passionately singing to God.  It was an almost indescribable feeling.  It was a moment that I wanted to hold onto forever.  Have you ever experienced that?  A moment so stunning that tears of joy slowly crawl down your face, and you are breathless.  

Moments like that are what we live for, long for.  They are what make most of our other moments bearable.  They are the fuel for our insatiable desire for more moments.  In a very real sense, they are what most of us worship - moments.  Everything else simply serves our craving for moments. "Live for the moment" is the motto for mankind.  Moments can be captivating.  I love those moments.  

Have you ever thought that all you may have left is moments?  Completely different perspective, I know, but true.  Everything can change in a moment.  What happens when all the moments are gone and "the" moment arrives?  Seriously, think about it...what happens...because your moment may be sooner than you think.

Love in the Truth.


Gregg said...

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! Every time I contemplate my salvation I get caught up in the "moment." What great God we love and serve!

Trevor Peck said...

So true brother! Thanks for your consistent encouragement - they are good moments for me!

Lisa said...

Yes, I've had those moments and I treasure them!

Nice post brother - have a blessed evening!

Lorena G. Sims said...

That is something to think about. "Live for the moments" and what if all we have left is the moments?.
I think that's why, it is very important for us to have personal relationship with our God.

Trevor Peck said...

Exactly right Lorena!

You as well Lisa.

Wanda said...

The present moment is all we have. Sometimes we fail to appreciate the moments.

arlee bird said...

I do look forward to that Ultimate Moment which will be an eternity. But yes I do relish the special moments here on earth and I try to make them all as special as I can. But there are the ones that are like works of art hanging in the gallery of my memory life--when I go back to look at them I can recapture special feelings. My life has been a gift from God and I praise him everyday for that.