The Gospel - Keeping It Central

My brother Terry Stauffer has a great post on the gospel, and considering the trial that he and his family are walking through, it is a blessing to see the faithfulness of God and His servant. Continue to pray for the Stauffer family, and continue to praise their God - for He is good! Here is a sample of Terry's post:

You can check out the rest at Terry's blog: New Lumps

Love in the Truth.


stauf46 said...

Thanks for that, Trevor. Now I've found your blog, too! It is very well done - great content, nice design.

So, are we going to be able to lure you out to Alberta some time?

Trevor Peck said...

Great to hear from you brother! God is so good. We are holding you in our prayers and also rejoicing in Emily's complete salvation!
Thanks for your for Alberta...??? Haven't heard back from your director.