Albert Mohler - Taking the Measure of Joel Osteen

I love the Truth. I hope that is one of the things that I will remembered by. And because I love the truth, I have what can only be described as hatred for what is false - especially when it is selling itself as truth. Enter one - Joel Osteen. Now, I could very easily go on a rant about "smiley" Joel, but I came across this little "tidbit" by Al Mohler on SermonAudio. It is actually entitled "Taking the Measure of Joel Osteen". Mohler asks the question:
"Would anyone listening to Joel Osteen's messages possibly come to a knowledge of his or her need as a sinner for a Saviour? And come to know how that one can become forgiven by God? And redeemed through coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? Is it possible? Is there even a shred of gospel content that would lead people this way?"
Al Mohler answers these questions in a typically brilliant Mohler fashion. At one point in answering a callers question Mohler states of Osteen: "He is taking an agnostic position, and anyone that does that is by definition a false teacher."
I would encourage everyone to listen to this message - for that matter pretty much anything by Al Mohler is worth listening to or reading. Also, I would encourage everyone to pray for Joel Osteen.
Love in the Truth.