Another (Extra)ordinary day...

It was 17 years ago today. I was working as a "dish pig" at a Greek restaurant in Ottawa. I lived with my parents. I had a bus pass...You guessed it - this guy is a LOSER, and I was.

Can you remember a time in your life when you were just kind of on auto-pilot? When life really sucked - for lack of a better term? I was 22, hooked on drugs, boarder-line know I was the classic "don't bring that guy home" guy.

Tuesday, March 30, 1993. Just another ordinary day until...

I saw her. She was beautiful. She literally took my breath away; I was speechless. Well almost. I turned to the friends I was with and said, "that's the girl I'm going to marry". Three and half years later, I did just that! True story!

Where are you at today? Perhaps today will not be ordinary for you after all.

Live. Love. Laugh.

I thank God for my wife. Today and everyday - life is good.

Love in the Truth.


Mike Andrews said...

You are a loser though! :) I love you brother......Have a great day with the wife that God gave you! Praise God for our godly wives, because we don't deserve them one bit. Preach the Word and I remember buddy!....I love ya


Trevor Peck said...

Thanks you too! Take care your pregnant wife!