Husbands: lead your wife to godliness.

I remember watching an interview not that long ago with Matt Redman discussing his music, and in particular the lyrics of his songs. The discussion centred on men feeling uncomfortable singing a "love" song to man - even if it is Christ. Redman said something very interesting at the time. He said; "the church is under-fathered and over-mothered".

That got me thinking why is that? I knew the answer as I think we all do. Men are failing in their calling as the spiritual leader in the home. On that same note, my friend Nielson Unger has a great post over at First Your Faith. Here's a sample:

"Satan indirectly attacked Adam through his wife and some people say it’s because the woman is the weaker sex. I’m also not seeing too much strength here from Adam and I don’t see too much strength in the men of our local churches. Husbands, where is your godly leadership? Where is the revelation of God’s word in your life that flows over onto your wife? Where are the godly men that protect and guard their wives and are ready to strike the snakes with a shovel? Where are our protectors of God’s word because the attackers and adversaries are out there! If we as husbands are not actively guarding our wives by sharing God’s revelation to them, we are leaving them prone and vulnerable to satanic powers prowling around seeking to devour them."

Check out the rest of the post for yourself and then ask yourself, "how am I doing in my role as leader?" And not just of your wife - for those of us with children - how are we doing in leading our children to look past us to Christ as our example?

Love in the Truth.