August '09 Reading

WHY WE'RE NOT EMERGENT: By Two Guys Who Should Be;Kevin DeYoung, Ted Kluck.

Outstanding! Very easy to read and very well written. The authors show grace on every page; they preach the truth in love - but sometimes the truth hurts. Really looking forward to hearing "Why {they} Love the Church.

The Truth War: Fighting For Certainty In An Age Of Deception; John MacArthur.

MacArthur is straight forward and brutally honest in his defense of the Truth. In typical MacArthur fashion he is thoroughly biblical, wielding the sword of truth like few can. This should be required reading for every church. One suggestion - don't read it right after "Why We're Not Emergent" like I did!

The title alone makes one begin to think deeply about God; and that is a good thing! A robust understanding of the sovereignty of God in all things - including sin - can only benefit His children. Ultimately, we are brought to the foot of the cross in awe of what was accomplished there. I thought my vision of Christ was big until I read this book.


If you haven't yet read this book - repent - and then get it! Don't pray about it or wait for a "liver shiver" just read it. The most common question in the "church" today is, "what is God's will for my life?" Kevin DeYoung gives us the answer - the biblical answer. The next time I get asked that question, this is the book I will recommend without hesitation.

I love John Piper. This is quite possibly the best book he has written - that says a lot in itself. It is without question, his most important work to date. The doctrine of the new birth is so majestic and so beautiful and so hidden to so many "professing" Christians! "God is the great Doer in this miracle...And He has not been silent about it." This will be required reading in the church I shepherd.

Love in the Truth.


Andrew Ardern said...

i read just do something, excellent book, i fully agree. I also am looking into getting some of the other books you recommended as well

Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for the comments bro. Get Finally Alive!

Love in the Truth.