The Public Rebuke of False Teachers

James MacDonald has an excellent post on this topic over at Staight Up. In peticular, he defends his critique of Brian McLaren. Here is a little taste of the post:

"I do not view Brian as an ‘erring weaker brother,’ worthy of sympathy or olive branches, but rather as a dangerous false teacher who repackages mainline liberal theology. (Have the past 50 years not been adequate to see how liberal theology empties churches and damns souls?)

More dangerous still is that McLaren packages his false teaching and denials of Scripture as solutions to some of the excesses currently plaguing evangelicalism—the danger being his winning over of young people who have legitimate complaints about the current church, but who lack the discernment to see that his solutions are often unbiblical even when his critiques are fair."

What is encouraging is that MacDonald points to the example of Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John - the scriptures themselves - as the authority we are all bound too. Check out the rest!

Love in the Truth.