Free Book Giveaway!

A really "swell" guy is giving away a copy of Gordon H. Clark's "Good and Evil: The Problem Solved" Here's what Monergism says about the book:

"Highly Recommended! Probably the best work available on the subject at hand and required reading for long time visitors to Standing on the foundation of the Word of God, Clark has given us an answer to the theodicy issue. This little book is also an excellent refutation of all forms of Arminianism: deeply and convincingly tackles the issue of free will., exposing false systems of understanding."

Love in the Truth.


Jeff Peterson said...

Please consider yourself entered, with possible consideration as a swell guy as well.

BTW, if you're in Echo Bay, you're only half the distance from the Kincheloe, MI prisons as I am. Any Reformed assistance with volunteers is always accepted.

Thanks and God Bless.