Obama - Mania???

The "One" is coming to Canada! It's enough to drive seemingly mentally stable people into a complete and utter foolish frenzy. It makes me wonder - Conservatives were always accused of being too closely tied to American policies; so why does the left want to so eagerly "jump into bed" now? I wonder...if the "One" tries to push Canada to stay in Afganistan past 2011, would you say OK? Just food for thought.

Honestly, I just don't get it - really, I don't. Apart from being the first African - American President (which is a wonderful thing), history will look back on this man's presidency as a failure. A bold statement? Yeah, I guess it is, but that's just me I guess. I really do pray that I am wrong, but...for anyone that knows me...I'm quite certain that I am not.

Our society has been in love with ourselves for far too long and the "True One" who raises up nations has always been watching. We live "Coram Deo" - before the face of God - and judgement has come. As a child of the King, I cannot look at this man as a blessing.

Forgive us Lord.

Love in the Truth.