25 Random Things...

Well the facebook phenom finally caught me, so I figured I would put it here as well. So here goes:

1. I have a fear of bridges - for real!
2. When I'm in the shower, I think I could win Canadian Idol
3. I am fairly certain that I have "buck fever" evan though I have never shot one...YET!
4. I have an almost insatiable desire to be right...I hate that about me
5. Even though I say that I hate cats, I really like them, but they make me sneeze, so I hate them!
6. My first goal is that my children grow to love the Lord more than me.
7. Every day I find it harder to stand for Christ...but I do
8. The first concert I ever went to was...drum role...Air Supply. The last concert I remember going to was The Tragically Hip...Jen fell asleep during the show - for real!
9. I wish I could play the guitar...I wish I owned a guitar for that matter.
10. I have a brother that I have never met...I would like to some day.
11. I have a sister that I hardly know to my shame.
12. I love my in-laws...really!
13. I think I would have made an awesome actor.
14. I am a very emotional person.
15. I think feet are ugly, but my wife has really cute feet!
16. I would love to adopt one or more children.
17. I have little to no patience for people who call themselves Christians yet refuse to act like it.
18. Sometimes, I'm the person in #17 - I hate that about me.
19. The night I met my wife - Tuesday, March 30, 1993 @ aprox. 9:15pm - I knew that I would marry her.
20. I enjoy writing poetry.
21. The first CD I ever owned was "Moving Pictures" by Rush...the first Chirstian CD I ever owned was "Speechless" by Steven Curtis Chapman.
22. I collect dirt stored in local water bottles from different countries in the world. Something I picked up from a guy - Dave Whitten - from bible school. I now have 21 bottles of dirt. The latest is from Israel.
23. I really miss spending time with Mike and Julie!
24. I would like to read 50 books this year - 5 down...well almost 6!
25. I long for Heaven! But I am heartbroken knowing the vast majority of my extended family will not be there.

I guess that's it for now!

Love in the Truth.


Mike Andrews said...

We miss you guys too. More than you can imagine. We are praying for you buddy love ya

Your brother