Irritated Obama "Stares Down" Reporter

The "One" made it very clear during a visit to the press corps that it is OK to ask questions...well, just not ones that he doesn't want to answer. "W" would've have been accused of censorship for doing the same thing. Here's a reporter trying to do his job and ask the hard questions and rather than an answer - or even a "no comment" - he gets the "stare down"! And to follow it up, he gets the finger point! I can almost see it now..."shut your mouth and know your role little man, IF YOU SMELL WHAT BA-ROCK IS COOKING"

Sorry, Mr. President, if you are going to live in the White House there is no such thing as just a "visit" with the press. Do you honestly think that little "Joe-Nobody" would be given the time to ask during a formal press conference? He certainly won't anymore - that fact was made abundantly clear.

Love in the Truth.