God Broke Me Like a Twig

Is God sovereign in salvation? Well, if you were to ask Kyle Jamison he would say so. "Even in my defiance against getting saved, God broke me like a twig", says Kyle of his salvation. Kyle posted his testimony at the New Attitude site. "I got saved at NA 06’, in spite of the fact that I said I would NOT get saved at NA cause it was to cliche’, and I was only going as a last hurah to the whole christian scene. Coming to NA directly opposed to God, and all he stands for indignantly, and leaving broken and saved is a pretty serious contract, and amazing."

Before that, his story is all too familiar for many of todays "Christian" youth and young adults. What are you counting on for your salvation? A prayer wispered for mommy and daddy because you wanted to please them? Or maybe while "every head was bowed and every eye was closed" you slipped up your hand? Are you living a double life like Kyle was? Read the rest of his story and ask yourself, "am I saved?"

Love in the Truth.