Phil Wickham - Singalong - For FREE

Ok, so how often does a recording artist give you an entire album (I'm showing my age!!), CD for nothing? How about never...or hardly ever, but no more thanks to Phil Wickham! Now if you're asking, "who's Phil Wickham?" Let's just say that here is your chance to find out!! Here's Phil telling all about it:

What have you got to lose...IT'S FREE!!!!

Love in the Truth


Stupid Sheep said...

It's not showing your age to say album. That's the proper term still used for a collection of songs. CD is getting outdated because how many people get their music digitally now, through iTunes, Napster, and the like? (i'm not talking about pirates) Now if you said 45 or vinyl...even though a friend of a friend, younger than i, perfered vinyls to CD's and was very ocd about people handling them too. Me, i'm an mp3 girl.