Cameron's First Game!

So this past Monday night Cameron, my son, attended his first Leafs game at "the hanger". Unfortunately, they lost - something that I've become accustomed to seeing! That said, it was still an exciting game to watch; they really should have won. The Bruins were for the most part outplayed and if not for a few goalposts, a crossbar, and a goaltender - Tim Thomas - who was at his best, the outcome would have been different.

Cameron loved it! "This is waaayyy better than the baseball game!" he told me at one point. Earlier in the year we had gone to our first Jays game together - he fell asleep!!!

For me it was a win-win. I am a proud member of Leaf's Nation so any chance to see my beloved Leafs play is awesome. But, this time was that much sweeter because I got to share it with my son. If you're a dad, you know what I mean (I should get in touch with Mastercard because that night would've made a great "priceless" commercial!). It was another reason to thank my God for the gift of my son. I mean I would not of traded that night with my son for anything. And yet, God gave up so much more than a Leafs game; He gave me His Son - priceless!

Love in the Truth