Dan Phillips Goes Off...and I think I just may agree.

Since the election south of the border is over and the outcome is a victory for Obama, alot of my shall we say "committed" dispy friends have already pulled out their "Larkin" charts and labelled Obama as the Anti-Christ. And to see the world's reaction to this election, one can almost see it. I'm not there by any means, but like Mr. Phillips, Obama and his "yes we can" clan don't give me the warm fuzzies.

Dan Phillips - one of the PYROS - posted his "thoughts" on the election yesterday. I'm thinking that the more I read what Dan has to say the more I would like to sit down over a coffee with him and chat. I like Dan; he has a knack of saying publicly what most only say privately. This is not a blanket endorsement of everything Dan Phillips but as I said - I like him.

Anyway, here's a little taste of Dan's thoughts:

I would encourage you to read the rest, but as Dan himself warns: "{It} is going to be brutal"

Love in the Truth.


DJP said...

Heck, I wouldn't even give a blanket endorsement of everything I write!

Trevor Peck said...

Brother Dan, I would like to think that one day we can have that cup of joe!! Let us press on to know Him! Thanks for the comments!

Love in the Truth