The Impossible Task

What is it you ask?  Try picking your 10 favourite songs.  A task set out by Alex Cavanaugh today. Well, it's Monday, so I figured I would give a go.  I'm quite certain that when I'm done, I'll kick myself for missing one, or two, get the idea.  Here goes...
 10.  Lunatic Fringe ~ Red Rider ~ Neruda

Great song from a great album.  Although, I prefer the live version on "The Symphony Sessions".  One of those songs that is hard to forget.

9.  Purple Rain ~ Prince and The Revolution ~ Purple Rain

Had to include this one simply for the album alone.  It is definitely one of the best from back in the day.  

8.  Bad ~ U2 ~ The Unforgettable Fire

This is my favourite U2 song, and my favourite U2 album.  If I were to make a list of the top 10 albums of all-time, I am quite certain this one would make it.

7.  Time ~ Pink Floyd ~ Dark Side of the Moon

Simply a classic by Pink Floyd off yet another great album.

6.  The Prodigal Son Suite ~ Keith Green ~ The Prodigal Son

Simply put, this is a perfectly written song.  Keith Green was/is one of my favourite artists - Christian or otherwise.  So much talent!  Really wish he was still here, butI know he wouldn't want to come back!

5.  More Than A Feeling ~ Boston ~ Boston

I know what you're thinking - "too predictable".  But, here's the thing.  I bought this album on vinyl three times because I literally played "through" it.  So, for me, it needs to be included.

4.  Keep It Dark ~ Genesis ~ Abacab

I owe my big brother, Troy, all the credit for this selection.  He played it all the time growing up.  This was my introduction to progressive rock.  So, thanks Troy (insert, "I told you so" here)!

3.  Subdivisions ~ Rush ~ Signals

This one was really hard for me because, I could easily pick 10 Rush songs to fill this list.  And, Moving Pictures is my favourite Rush album!   

2.  Easter ~ Marillion ~ Seasons End

Easter on any given day can easily top this list.  It is a stunning display of music genius by my favourite band.  When Fish left, I was - like many I suspect - devastated, but when I heard "H" and this song in particular all was indeed well.  

For the record - my fave song from the "Fish era" would be Incubus from Fugazi.

1.  Endless Dream/Silent Spring/Talk ~ Yes ~ Talk

All I can say is you have to listen to it!  (Why I can't buy this on iTunes is a daily source of anger for me - I need your prayers!)

No doubt that tomorrow this would change.  For today, this is the best that I came up with.

Love in the Truth.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Easter was one of my selections as well! Awesome song. And I approve of the Rush song. Can't leave out Rush.
Great list - thanks for participating!

Trevor Peck said...

I noticed that on your list. As best as I can tell, Easter would never drop from my top 10! And I agree about Rush as well.

Gregg said...

Well, on that list the only one I was familiar with was Purple Rain.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I like Pink Floyd I suppose being British has a point, living across the big pond we don't get all the songs you mentioned.

Well done on a superb collection and taking part.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

I love "More Than A Feeling". Great list.

Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for the comments. In looking over a lot of the lists, there really is an eclectic group of songs!

Lydia K said...

Oh I should have put some U2 on my list! I loved that song so much.

Heather Spiva said...

Nice list!
Genesis is most truly awesome. And of course, Keith Green is just a given. No doubt.

Jennie Bailey said...

Classic list! It was so hard to narrow it down and a few of yours almost made my list. Almost!

Tara said...

I was surprised by how little Prince and U2 made the lists. You have both, and a great list.

Trevor Peck said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm sure it is true for all of us that - apart from maybe the top 3 or 4 - our list would change everyday.

James Garcia Jr said...

What a great list, Trevor! I had a great time participating on Monday, but never got a chance to finish going through them all. Glad I found yours today. I love the earlier Phil Collins Genesis stuff, but am not familiar w/ that cut. Will have to check it out. Love the Prince, Boston, Rush and Pink Floyd.

Arlee Bird said...

This is an excellent list. I still recall when I first heard "More Than a Feeling" by Boston and being so blown away.

We're doing A to Z again in April in case you haven't noticed.


Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Trevor Peck said...

@James Thanks for the comments. If you like Genesis, for sure check out that track. In fact the entire album is excellent, which was a recurring theme in the post. It made it a little easier to pick a great track from a great album

@Lee - thanks to you as well, and yes; I have already "signed up" for the challenge!

Deniz Bevan said...

Great choices! I love Tom Cochrane and Red Rider too. And of course U2 and Rush.