Love Your Neighbour!

So...there has been a lot of "chirping" going back and forth between Canadians and Americans lately. Especially in light of the Olympic games, and in particular, a hockey game this past Sunday evening. As we all know, we (Canada) lost. Let me say up front, I hate to lose! Here's the thing though, why are there so many of us - on both sides of the border - hating each other? I really, really, don't get it. Seriously, help me out? I know first hand that there are plenty of "friends" south of the border who are completely ignorant to "the True North Strong and Free". And I know that Canada is the brunt of many a joke coming from the "good 'ol U.S. of A." That said, I also know it goes both ways! We in Canada - so seemingly proud of our honesty - need to be honest and admit that we are just as bad. At least I am...sometimes...curse you Ryan Miller!

I know we all know this, so why don't we act like it. We are neighbours, brothers, sisters, and friends...let's act like it!

I love Canada. I am proud to be a Canadian, and I thank the Lord for it every day. I can also say, that I love the United States - not a big fan of your current president - but love you none-the-less!

Kind of a random post, I know - but I just had to say it. And as for the hockey game...Canadians...settle down, we actually dominated and we still lost - it happens!

Love in the Truth.