A Great Answer!

I don't know if you follow football at all. And by football, I don't mean soccer - which I love (Go Liverpool) - I mean NFL - the good stuff (the CFL doesn't really count)! I am a big fan of NFL footaball and the Miami Dolphins in particular, but I am also a big Kurt Warner fan. His story is quite remarkable. But why am I a fan? Well, everytime he gets a chance to speak about his faith in Christ he does just that. He was recently asked a good question and his answer was great! Here's the question and answer for you:

"Kurt, as a professional football player, what aspect of your vocational calling gives you the most joy in life? What is it about the 'job of football' that you love the most?"

His answered came instantly and unequivocally:

"Without question, the greatest joy about my calling as a professional football player is seeing the barriers it breaks-down in giving me the opportunity to talk about Jesus."

I wonder how many Christians would give the same answer if we were in Kurt Warner's shoes? I wonder how many of us would give that answer now? What's your answer?

Love in the Truth.