What is Preaching?

Here is a short video by one of my heroes, John Piper, answering that question.

Preaching is expository.
Preaching is exultation.
Preaching isn't church, but it serves the church.

What to Expect from My Preaching and Why:

"If you're used to a twenty-minute, immediately practical, relaxed talk, you won't find that from what I've just described. I preach twice that long; I do not aim to be immediately practical but eternally helpful; and I am not relaxed."

"I standing vigilantly on the precipice of eternity speaking to people who this week could go over the edge whether they are ready to or not. I will be called to account for what I said there."

"That's what I mean by preaching."

What a great answer! That is what I try to accomplish when I preach - I stress "try" because all to often I fail.

Love in the Truth.