What I miss the most in Southern Ontario

Let me start by saying there is a lot that I miss. "Fellowship" nights with the youth was always a good time - if not a little painful! The thing about ministry though is the fact that yes there are highs but there are also plenty of lows - which are extremely painful. That said, I loved the times of refreshing enjoyed with fellow brothers called to be shepherds of God's people. Being part of the Toronto Pastor's Fellowship was such a blessing, and I am thankful for the men of Grace Fellowship Church for their efforts.

Since distance prevents me from attending, it is a blessing to know that the resources offered are available online. And, rather than having to individually download each message and subsequent paper, my brother Julian Freeman, has made all of them available in one .zip file!!

For my pastor friends, this is a resource worth your time. For others who read, this is a resource worth your time too! Thanks Julian for doing this; I miss being there with you all.

Love in the Truth.


kerux said...

We will miss seeing you, Trevor!