The Socialist, the Separatist, and the Lame Duck

It's times like these that I wish that I could draw caricatures! Can't you just picture the "lame duck" Dion - in a santa suit - with two little demons (Layton and Duceppe) flying over each shoulder filling his empty mind with their "wish list"? Surely there is someone out there with enough talent to draw such a picture and send it to me. I need to see it in the hopes that I could have a chuckle at this time. Wait, I know! Put them all in a sleigh being pulled by Bob "nice job you did in Ontario" Rae and Michael "the white Obama" Ignatieff leading them off to their utopia known as fantasy land while at the same time throwing money over the side like it was rain falling from heaven. Now that would be a funny picture.

But wait, I think that is what is actually happening here. Oops, my bad, I guess after all, it is just pathetic.

Love in the Truth.


John K said...

Reminds me of Curly, Larry and Moe, except unlike them, these guys take themselves seriously.
Aside from my political views, I have these concerns.
Number one, I think principles are important, and should not be compromised for gain or convenience. Jack Layton, for instance, is willing to set aside his, and his party's, opposition to our presence in Afghanistan for this opportunity for political gain. How can you respect someone like that?
And Gilles Duceppe -- will he stand and sing O Canada with the others? If so, he is also compromising his principles. If not, why are the liberals and the NDP in bed with him?

Trevor Peck said...

Let's just say that it is a mess. Thanks for the comments John. We'll see what happens next!

Love in the Truth