20 Pictures of Jesus

  • Jesus is the Savior. His name means the one who will save us from our sins.
  • He is the Messiah. He’s Jesus Christ. Christ is not His last name. It means the Promised One. The One Promised through out the old testament has come.
  • He is the Son of David. He’s from the kingly line of David.
  • Son of Abraham.
  • Center of history.
  • Fully human.
  • Fully divine.
  • Sovereign over the wise.
  • Shepherd of the weak.
  • Jesus inaugurates a new exodus.
  • He’s ending
  • He loves his fiercest enemies
  • He’s the Savior King
  • He’s Righteous Judge
  • He’s filled with God the Spirit
  • He’s loved by God the Father
  • He’s the new Adam
  • He’s the true Israel
  • He’s the Light of the World
  • He’s the hope for all nations

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