To Mommy & "Dabby"

A mother is forever
A mother always cares
A mother is forgiving in every little way

Mothers are kind; they add a sweetness to your life

A mother is for loving
A mother always shares
A mother loves her children and husband all the way!

But most important...
A mother loves Jesus Christ more than anything!

A mother is a gift from God and she always cares!

I would love to take credit for that one, but I cannot.  This beautiful poem was left on my wife's pillow last night by our daughter, Kyra Faith.  Needless to say, we cried, and we thanked our God for His amazing grace in the life of an 11 year old little girl.

I got a card as well.  

You help me when I'm hurt!
You forgive me when I disobey!
You make our date days the best!
I love you "Dabby"!

Each statement had a picture beneath it.  Just what I needed after a rough day.  I simply love being "the best 'Dabby' in the world" to my little girl. (When Kyra was really young, she couldn't say Daddy - she said "Dabby" stuck, and I love it!)