Josh Garrels New CD - FREE!

If you don't know Josh Garrels, let this be your introduction.  I discovered this guy on youtube awhile back and instantly became a fan.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do a complete review for the blog shortly of his new album.  For now, I'll say that my early faves are "The Resistance" and "Beyond the Blue".

The great thing is that for now you can get "Love & War & the Sea In Between" for free at either Garrels' home page or through noisetrade.  I would recommend the artist's site for the simple reason that you can choose practically any download form you desire!

Here's a taste of Josh to whet your appetite...


Arlee Bird said...

Sounds good. Free? I wonder what his plan is? Maybe he wants to build his fan base.

Tossing It Out

Trevor Peck said...

Not sure Lee? But I have noticed a growing trend within grassroots Christian music (well all genres for that matter) that more and more artists are giving away more and more of their music.

From a Christian perspective, they say the message is the important issue and God will provide - I love that! Keith Green is still influencing!

From a secular perspective, there is so much piracy going on (and artists have never made the lion's share of money from music sales) and they know the real money is made by ticket and merchandise sales at concerts and such. A lot of artists are realizing that by giving some music away, they actually make more in the long run!

Esse Quam Videri said...

I surely hope he will be blessed for his efforts. He writes with a depth one would expect from a much older person. His songs touch me in ways I can not explain. I almost never cry and yet I find myself on the edge of emotion. It must be the Spirit. Amazing artist! Amazing God!!