When "God's Will" goes terribly WRONG!

I received a letter and a copy of a CD in my mailbox at church on Sunday. I feel like sending it to Kevin Deyoung for his "Monday Morning Humour" section of his blog. Plus he wrote a book that this letter writer really NEEDS to read.

Anyway - here is a sample form the letter:

"My name is __________. God has called me into a ministry of music and spoken word. Having delayed this for a number of years I have answered the call and recently moved to the town of Bruce Mines, Ontario, doing so completely on faith believing this is where God has directed me as a headquarters from which to do His work.

In June of 2010 God granted me the opportunity of producing a gospel cd (a copy is enclosed). What makes my music unique is that my inspiration to sing comes from the legendary Elvis Presley. When I perform I present an image and a sound that resembles (The King). I do not know why God has chosen me me to present the the gospel in this manner but then again it is not for me to question but to obey...I released the cd on August 8, 2010 and am looking forward to performing the cd and offering it for sale at my performances."

The key phrase in that portion is "I do not know"! I wouldn't normally call someone out like this...well ok...maybe I would. But seriously people - if you're being "called" to the middle of nowhere Northern Ontario as your "headquarters" for "Elvis Impersonator Evangelism" there's a very good chance it is not God who is calling.

PS - I haven't as of yet listened to the cd. Perhaps I'll completely change my tune after hearing "the king" in action...but don't hold your breath!

Love in the Truth.