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joshua.schriver said...
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Randy said...

"those who ultimately walk away from Christ are proof in and of themselves that they were never in Christ."

Please explain. Is that for you to judge? What about Peter denying Christ three times did Jesus judge him as you have Mr. Schriver? Do you know his (Mr. Schriver) heart? Consider your motives for your comments are they to build him up - encouragement for a brother who has fallen in the race or have you seen his fall from the race as a chance for you to flaunt your superior form.

Why did you become a pastor? Did God call you to this ministry to deal only with the easy chores of giving Sunday sermons and creating "awesome" blogs?

A calling to the ministry of God's children is a calling to get dirty. Jesus requires humility (not just before him but also his children) pridefull teaching and boastful rebukes and rebuttals have no place in his service.

Mr. Schriver is a challenge. A challenge to our beliefs and to our faith. This a challenge that should be welcomed because he is now a true seeker. Are you afraid that your faith will fail? We should all seek to bring home the lost brother. Do you wish to disengage? Then do so but do so in love and respect. Why do you need to make a public spectacle of rebuking he and his wife in such a public way. In doing so you just pushed him farther away and validated many of his complaints against the formal church.

I know this may be hard to swallow and, I know I do not know you but I hope that maybe God can use this letter and this situation to help shape you into the pastor that he wants you to be.

Trevor Peck said...


Thank you for the comment. As I have said many times before to people - if you knew half the sin in my heart you would rebuke me all the more.

As for an explanation on those who ultimately walk away from Christ are proof in and of themselves they were never in Christ (Please note the use of the word "ultimately") as I said to Mr. Schriver - that is the clear teaching of scripture (1 John 2:19).

Mr. Schriver can get as many of his friends as he likes to comment and comment and comment and get the idea. I am not looking for an argument.

He like all who are apart from Christ need to repent and believe the gospel. Far from being superior, it is the most loving thing that I can say.

"Do you wish to disengage? Then do so in love and respect."

Read the post HE published - I did that. My request was not honoured and as such I followed up - in private. I stand by my comments and I did not make them public - Mr. Schriver did. He received the apology he was seeking and then "judged my heart" as being insincere.

Again thanks for rebuke Randy, it is always needed. So can I say once more that I will comment no further on the matter.

M.A.C. said...

Hi Trevor,

Seems I'm walking into the middle of an interesting dialogue...

I hope you don't mind answering a couple of questions I am asking all believers everywhere;

Do you believe that God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to start a new religion called Christianity?

And Where is the text in the bible that supports the popular Christian belief that God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to start a new religion called Christianity?

joshua.schriver said...

Trevor, I have not been directing people to your blog. I was directed to it, hence my commenting, but it is simply incorrect to presume that it is at my urging that you got the extra traffic of late. Just a FYI.

ps - I don't recall an apology, did I miss it?

Trevor Peck said...

I guess you did brother. You deleted your post this time - read it again.

I am fully aware that your friends and family love you and are concerned for you, and their deepest desire is that you come back to Christ. And whether you or they believe it or not, that is my deepest desire concerning you - to repent and believe the gospel!

So, let's try this again...

I am sorry that you felt I was judging you when I said I don't believe that you were ever in Christ, but I firmly believe that to be the truth.

You want to discuss anything further - send me an email.

Peace (It's genuine!)